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What are the main difference between Watercolor and Oil or Acrylic?

Oil or Acrylics work on a regular fabric canvas. Watercolor works on a thick, absorbent paper. Watercolor is a water based pigment, and to paint, it should be previously diluted on water. When applied on paper, the water is absorbed and the pigment stays. There is a large variety of watercolor paper's thickness, but you will never work on a canvas. For more details about Watercolor, please click here.

How an original watercolor is being shipped and handle?

A watercolor piece of art could be inserted on a hard tube as long as it was created on a thin watercolor paper. However, most watercolor artists prefer to use thicker watercolor paper. The best way to handle and ship a watercolor artwork is making a "sandwich" where the artwork is on one or in between two flat and hard boards that give extra support.

What is the difference between an original artwork and a print?

An Original Watercolor artwork is the creation and execution of the artist, where he/she spent many hours drawing, creating, working on proportion, color balance, and finally, portray all these, very carefully, on the watercolor paper. There is a lot of work and hours involved here. If you would like to buy an original art piece, keep this on mind, because this is the explanation why is going to be fairly more expensive. A print is the professional reproduction of the same artwork, and because is possible to make several prints of the same original artwork, the price will be considerably less. These prints could be Simple -on a regular thicker paper-, or could be Giclee Prints -museum quality printed to last more than 100 years-. The price will vary accordingly.

What kind of prints do you sell?

Basically 2 different kinds of prints: (1) On a regular card stock/photo paper with smooth surface - This is not very thick but it has a very nice and vibrant reception of the printer pigments. (2) Giclee Prints - made on an Aquarelle Rug Fine Art card stock with a High resolution ink-jet printer that produce quality fine art printed with archival quality inks museum/gallery level that last 100-200 years.

How the prints are being shipped and handle?

The same way I handle and ship an original watercolor artwork (see question #2). Depending on the size of the print, you will receive your art print on a flat, firm, and sturdy envelope, or on a sturdy tube if the print is too large.

How long it will take to get my print?

If you bought your print on my store, I will print it right away and ship it as soon as possible. The process will take no more than 2 days. I have a high quality pigmented printer that gives me the flexibility that I need and makes my life easier. I print and ship on demand.

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